Currents' history started in September 1999 when several of our writers came together as a part of a creative writing project called SkateSoap. Now defunct, SkateSoap was a figure skating soap opera/role-playing game set at a figure skating academy in the fictional Yette Mountain, Colorado.

A few months into the project, several writers decided to break off and form their own role-playing skating soap opera, DaysOnIce. Also now defunct, DaysOnIce moved many beloved characters across the Yette Valley to Kensington, Colorado, where they resided for about the rest of the fictional skating season.

During the summer of 2000, a great number of DaysOnIce's characters migrated to the then brand-new fictional setting of Hope's Cove, Florida. Currents, while always having many figure skaters as characters, was never envisioned as a strictly skating soap opera/role-playing game, though many of our original writers didn't want to lose out on the investment we'd made in our skating characters' hopes and dreams of Olympic glory, so we let the skating emphasis remain.

After over a year of excitement, hard work and entertaining writing, and more than our share of ups and downs, the Currents writing staff decided to make a fundamental change in our soap by switching to a serial format. This has been, without a doubt, our greatest accomplishment as well as a source of great pride to each of us as we continue to develop our characters, their stories, and our writing skills.

We enjoy bringing you each new episode of Currents and hope that you will stop by often to see what all our Hope's Coveians have been up to lately!