The Shellie Awards are our way of recognizing the outstanding efforts of the previous year. So much talent has passed through Currents over the years, and the Shellies are an opportunity for readers and staff alike to honor the best Hope's Coveians, their lives and their creators. It's a wonderful trip down memory lane, to read over these scenes from days gone by, and it only serves as inspiration for us today as we strive to achieve the same high standards of excellence as these Shellie winners.

The Shellie Awards are separated in the following main categories:

  • Resident Awards
  • Storyline Awards
  • Creator Awards

The Resident Awards are designed specifically for the outstanding creation of the residents of Hope's Cove, Florida. The resident's growth from his/her incarnation to what they are today affects not just themselves, but the residents they interact with as well.

Over the course of each year, since the last Shellie Awards, there are plotlines and storylines that are simply exemplary. They provide the basis of superb writing. The Shellie Awards cannot overlook the art of words and as thus have a category specifically for the writing of various scenes and storylines: Storyline Awards.

None of this is possible without the unwavering support of the writing team. Many of the scenes and storylines read through the various months require the interaction necessary to create a plethora of opportunities, pathways and segways into other realms that may or may not have been discovered before. Behind the scenes writers work either individually or collaboratively to create an episode a week for the readers' pleasure. So here to share the best of the best behind the scenes are the Creator Awards.

For references and examples of some of the best writing there is a menu to the left for viewing. Here the Shellie Awards allows readers and visitors alike to see and experience what is it that makes Hope's Cove a town of passion, intrigue, and betrayal.