Welcome to the picturesque town of Hope's Cove, Florida. Located on the sunny Gulf Coast, this seemingly quiet environment holds the secrets of the past and present, introduces intrigue at every doorstep, entices passions that have laid dormant, and may bend once unbreakable ties.

A vast array of people come through Hope's Cove with hopes and dreams for the future, determined to be successes no matter what life's call.  Daughter of the founding family, Allison Malone returned to a town much changed from an idyllic youth, yet still shrouded in mystery and enchantment.

Known for the talent of ice skaters and coaches, Hope's Cove is home to some of the world's greatest skaters.  Former Olympic champions Katia Carter, Kurt Golding, Bryce Robinson and Lux Golding can been seen at the San Romero Sports Center or around town. Catherine Efstathiou dreams of becoming the newest addition to the rich skating legacy in Hope's Cove, while other skaters have moved on to new chapters in their lives.

The most prominent of those is Trevor Harrison who inherited control of multi-national entertainment company, Weston Corporation, when his father passed away a few years after Trevor retired from skating.  Relocating Weston's headquarters helped revitalize Hope's Cove and encouraged many other brilliant and accomplished people to settle around town.  The tranquil gulf offers a respite to the hectic pace of life in the spotlight for pop princess Violet Nixon and award-winning musicians Brock Harrison, Thira, and Stereo Rage.  It serves as muse to acclaimed artist Alex Nobles and rising fashion designer Susanna Robinson. Lauded for it's strong academic programs, Hope College lures students from across the globe to life in small-town America.

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